Keilor athletes excel at ALAC

Every year Little Athletics Victoria selects their best U13 athletes to represent Victoria at the Australian Little Athletics Championships. On most year we would be very pleased to have one Keilor athlete make the team. In 2018 we had two athletes selected and were very proud - and in 2019 we had 4 athlete selected, truly a stellar year that may not be repeated for some time.

These four outstanding athletes were:

  • Max Busuttil

  • Marco Spagnuolo

  • Dilan Egodawatte

  • Chanachai Kankratok (also known as β€˜Lai’)

ALAC has just been held in Hobart this weekend - so how did they go?

  • Lai - Silver in Long Jump, and 100m, Bronze in 200m, part of silver medal winning 4*100 relay team

  • Dilan - Silver in 800m

  • Marco - Silver in Triple Jump, part of silver medal winning 4*100 relay team

  • Max - Silver in 4*100 relay team

So outstanding results at national level for all of the athletes - Keilor is very proud of you all!

Keilor athletes.jpg

The image above show all four of the athletes, while the image below shows the silver medal relay team featuring Max, Lai and Marco.

ALAC relays.jpg