Registrations for the 2018/19 season are now open!

Registration fees are unchanged from last year:

  • One athlete - $195
  • Two athletes - $330
  • Three or more athletes - $430

To join or renew your registration, please go to the link below.

Note for existing members - have you forgotten your username or password? In that case, you will be pleased to know that the LAV will send you these details in an email, which will be sent after 22nd August.  If you can't wait until then, you may be able to find these details in previous registration details from LAV.


Situations Vacant – Relay Coaches for the 2018 Relay Season

A message from our Relay Coordinator - Angela Dickins

It’s time again folks – time to start thinking of the athletics season and getting our relay season organised.  After such a successful season last year, it’s time to start thinking relays. 

We are looking for relay coaches to coach our teams.  We will have coaching vacancies for the following ages;

  • Under 9 Boys
  • Under 11 Girls
  • Under 12 Girls
  • Under 12 Boys
  • Under 13 Girls
  • Under 14 Boys
  • Under 14 Girls
  • Under 16’s

Important dates for the relay calendar for this season

  • Keilor relay day – Sunday 28th October
  • Box Hill Relay Day – tbc
  • Mentone Relay Day – Sunday 11th November
  • Keilor relay challenge – Saturday 10th November
  • NMR Relay Championships – Saturday November 17th
  • Keilor Relay Challenge – Saturday 8th December (State relay qualifiers)
  • LAVIC State Relay Championships – Saturday 15th December


We are looking for motivated coaches to coach our 2018 relay teams. I would prefer our volunteers have links to the club (like parents, older siblings, family members etc).  This is a great opportunity for those that wish to be a part of things.  In such an individual sport, relays is such an exciting and fun 'Team' event for the kids - we want as many as possible to be involved.

So come of folks - let’s all get involved! 

Brief description of the role;

  • attend and run weekly coaching sessions
  • liaise with parents (I am also here to help if you need assistance in this matter)
  • attend information sessions that will be held for our relay coaches
  • liaise with the relay co-ordinator
  • team selection

If you aren’t sure that you have what it takes, there are a number of us available to provide assistance.  Please contact me if you are unsure and you have any questions - you won’t be left on your own. 

Please phone me on 0412 902 423 or email me if you are interested in volunteering as a coach.   Please advise me if there is a particular age group that you wish to coach.

Looking forward to hearing from you – I want to be FLOODED with volunteers.

Angela Dickins

Relay co-ordinator

Team Keilor

Keilor 'Come and Try' Days - a great way to learn about Little Aths - and to extend your skills

Interested in seeing if your children like Little Athletics? Or looking for some extra coaching for your experienced athlete(s) at the beginning of the new season?

This is exactly why we begln the season with two Come and Try Days. This is a relaxed way for athletes to start the season, learn about the sport, and improve their athletic skills. 

The Keilor Come and Try Days will be held on:

  • Saturday 29th September, 9am to 11am
  • Saturday 6th 0ctober, 9am to 11am

All athletes will rotate around a series of age-appropriate stations, where they be coached in the various athletics disciplines. Experienced athletes will receive coaching from senior coaches, while younger athletes will receive coaching from little athletics coaching suitable for their needs. There will also be education for new parents.

Activities will include

  • Sprinting 
  • Hurdles
  • Shot put
  • High jump
  • Long and Triple jump
  • On track for U6 and U7s 
  • Discus
  • Javelin

On the day there will be an opportunity to register for our club, but if you are not 100% sure, this is not compulsory.

Neither are uniforms compulsory for Come and Try Days.

Come along and experience the Keilor difference - a leading athletics centre in the North West of Melbourne. 


On track.JPG
Female runners.JPG

Ready to help develop the next generation? Sign up to coaching, officiating or starting courses

As we go into the new season, there are many opportunities to learn new skills and give back to the next generation. 

Introduction to Coaching



In the words of LAV: The Introduction To Coaching Course (ITCC) is designed to help participants become better placed to assist children to perform basic athletic skills. The course is great for parents, school teachers and other interested persons who want to know a little more about the skills of the sport.

This is a full day course, and there are a number of dates and locations, shown via the link shown. Of note, one of the options available is attending a course at Keilor on Sunday 30th September, which is very convenient. 

A number of Keilor officials have attended this course and the courses below, and all have enjoyed the experience. 


Introduction to Officiating - and Introduction to Starting

The officiating course is a short course designed to give some basic skills that can help you supervise different events at Little Athletics. The starting course will enable to you to help start our races.  Both courses last about 1.5 to 2 hours.  Dates and locations are found via the link shown - including locations as close at Melton, Coburg, Craigieburn, and Williamstown.


Interested in signing up for any of these courses?

If so, please contact Russell Cram on, or 0418517710, and he will help you take the next seps 


State Cross Country - Lake Dewar, Myrniong, 28 July 2018

Seasoned Keilor Cross Country Athletes are used to competing in the harshest of conditions at Cruden Farm, but this year we enjoyed some fabulous winter sunshine at the beautiful Lake Dewar at Myrniong. 

The 2018 State Cross Country at Myrniong turned on the best winter weather we have had in some time.  It was a beautiful location and appeared more like a festival with music playing, food trucks and lots of families enjoying the sunshine.  The track was green and a gorgeous change of scenery for our athletes (one u14 athlete did comment how nice the scenery was on their run down the hill J).

All Keilor athletes performed spectacular as always, and cheered each other on, before and after their races.  There certainly was some tough competition, but Keilor managed to run better than some of the School Sport Victoria Cross Country winners on the day, which is a great effort.

Special mention to the following athletes who managed to win an individual medal:

Mitchel Langborne – Gold in the boys u13

James Wilcox – Silver in the boys u14

Also a special mention to the following teams.  State Cross Country combined athletes times and event position to determine first, second and third and congratulations to the following Keilor Teams:

3rd U11 Boys:  Noah McMenamin 6th, Royce Goudy 24th, Campbell Scaife 34th

3rd U14 Girls: Talia Roshier 11th, Alyssa Di Martino 14th, Alicia Kisielewsk 29th

All of the Keilor Athletes performed spectacular against some great competition.  Thank you also to all the parent helpers on the day.  Cross Country Season is about to close so we are looking forward to seeing  you all at Little Aths in September for the Summer Season.


NMR Cross-country, 23 June 2018

Congratulations to everyone that ran at the Region Cross Country on Saturday, and thank you to all of the parents for turning up and completing all the duties.   It was yet another freezing morning for everyone.

Keilor had around 30 athletes competing, second only to Diamond Valley.

It was great to see Keilor athletes in every single race and coming home with a few medals on the day.   Should see some great results at the upcoming State Cross Country with so many talented athletes.

Here are some of the special achievements:


  • Luke Becvinovski – 3rd


  • Alicia Gec – 2nd
  • Finn Daffey – 1st
  • Samuel Wood – 2nd


  • Noah McMenamin – 3rd
  • Lara Sacaner – 2nd


  • Dilan Egodawatte – 1st
  • Samuel Scodella – 2nd


  • Mitchel Langborne – 1st


  • James Wilcox – 1st
  • Alyssa Di Martino – 2nd

Congratulations to everyone who also picked up medals in the team results.

Check out the full list of results below - and for the photos from the day, check out our Facebook page.

more runners.gif

Keilor does well in 2018 LAV cross country relays - 2018, 2 June, Cruden Farm

It was the Cross Country Relays inaugural event, and 210 teams from across the State came together at Cruden Farm in Langwarrin.  Keilor Athletics was proud to have 18 athletes join together to have 6 teams running.

Cruden farm is known to provide some rough weather conditions for cross country, but whilst it was brisk in the morning, the sun came out and our Keilor athletes shone.

Congratulations to all of our Keilor athletes who all ran extremely well against some very tough competition, including some of our athletes running up an age group. 

Our teams were:

Under 10 Girls:

  • Azalea Mankelow (10)
  • Eleanor Duggan (9)
  • Ella McMenamin (9)

Under 12 girls

  • Lara Scanner (11)
  • Chiara Hutchinson (12)
  • Madison Camburn (12)


  • Charlotte Duggan (12)
  • Maire McEvoy (12)
  • Tuana Kul (11)

Under 11 boys

  • Noah McMenamin (11)
  • Finn Daffey (10)
  • Royce Goudy (11)

Under 12 boys

  • Dilan Egodowatte (12)
  • Samuel Scodella (12)
  • Curtis Rawlings (12)

Under 14 boys

  • James Wilcox (14)
  • Jackson McMenamin (14)
  • Anzac Pirika (14)

Keilor also managed to get onto the podium and grab a few sashes on the day.  With the first event the Keilor U14 boys fought hard in a very fast race to come 2nd.  Congratulations James Wilcox, Jackson McMenamin and Anzac Pirika.   In the second event of the day, our U11 boys went to the front  and didnt look back, coming home with 1st and a blue sash.  Congratulations to Noah McMenamin, Finn Daffey and Royce Goudy.

We are all looking forward to seeing our talented athletes running at the Region Cross Country.

Thank you to everyone for making the long trip out and we hope to have many more teams running next year.

For photos from the event, cllck the link to the Facebook found below:


Thanking our volunteers of the year - Libby Derks and Michael Taylor

Every year the KLAC committee nominates an individual for the prestigious award of "Volunteer of the Year", an award to be handed out at presentation day. This year, we nominated two - being our chief starters, Michael Taylor and Libby Derks. 

The committee was very pleased to acknowledge the support of both Michael and Libby. Besides turning up every week to start the Keilor program, they also help with starting in regional and state events. Both have been doing so for some years now. 

Well done to both Libby and Michael!

Michael and Libby.jpg

Age group changes - what do they mean for you?

From September 2018, the age group birth date cut off will be changed. Rather than the official age of an athlete (U9, etc) being based on their age as of 30th September, it will instead be based on their age as of 31st December. 

This has been changed by Little Athletics Australia in order to align our age groups with senior and school athletics throughout Australia.

A summary of the changes and impacts is as follows:

  • The age group anniversary date will change in the 2018/19 season to 31 December
  • Athletes born between October and December will increment two age groups in 2018/19
  • Athletes born between January and September are unaffected by the change
  • The age groups will align with national school sport competitions
  • Athletes will remain in the same age group for the duration of the summer season

For example, an U10 athlete born between 1 Jan and 30 Sep will move to the U11 age group.  An U10 athlete born between 1 Oct and 31 Dec will advance two age groups to the U12 age group.

Both groups of athletes will find themselves competing with a slightly different set of competitors - and some competitors will be the same. 

While we appreciate that this will be a big change for some, we have confidence in the resilience of our athletes, and expect them to adapt pretty quickly to the new age groups.

There are a handful of changes to help with this transition:

  • In the 2018/19 season, U16s will be allowed to compete in regional and state events. This will be a one-off year for U16s competing at this level.
  • In this same season, the U11 clinics (run by LAV) will also be open to U12s
  • Young athletes who turn 5 between 30th September and 31st December will be allowed to compete in the U6s for that season, and for the whole of that season, even if they are less than 5 years old on the dates when they register. This change will be permanent. 


Looking for more information?

Little Athletics Victoria have also prepared a webpage with helpful information - check this out via the link below:

young athletes.jpg


In preparation for our AGM to be held this Saturday, as part of the Centre Champs, we have published our annual report. This is found, in draft form, by clicking the image below.:

This Annual Report is currently in draft form because we are still waiting for a report from our auditors. Once we have this report, we will finalise this, and let members know that is has been finalised.

Update – the minutes from the the AGM are now published, and found here.