about the school hire service

Brimbank City Council and Keilor Little Athletics jointly provide access to the fully synthetic athletics track at Keilor Park, Stadium Drive, along with equipment, facilities and support needed to run a school or regional athletics events. KLAC sets up and packs up any equipment that has been hired, and can even run timing gates and print out the results.

Besides our excellent service, the Keilor Park Athletics Track is easy to get to being close to two major freeways, and has generous car parking. We have many schools using these facilities every year.

Further details of this service are provided below.

These bookings are initiated by submitting an online booking application with the Brimbank City Council (BCC)

Booking application entered online via the links below, by phoning: 03 9249 4991, or emailing: sport@brimbank.vic.gov.au.

What does track hire include?

Track hire typically includes:

  • Access to the track, toilets, first aid room (but please bring your own supplies) and committee room

Access to equipment is only via Equipment Hire, see the details below.

Track hire does not include access to the canteen, or the main room inside the clubrooms.

Role of Keilor Little Athletics (KLAC)

All school bookings are through the council, but Keilor Little Athletics assists the council with these bookings, and also offers equipment hire which it sets up and packs away. KLAC can also run timing gates for schools (see details below). 

The Schools Manager for KLAC is Scott Sidley - 0435 269 174.

Scott liaises with the schools after bookings for equipment hire are made, and can answer any general queries you have. 

Please note that that if schools have not made arrangements with BCC for the services of KLAC, they will need to make their own arrangements with the council regarding unlocking of the track and the facilities. 

Track Availability

The following calendar lists the “confirmed bookings” as advised to our club, Keilor Little Athletics Centre Inc. by the Council. In most instances the track is hired in conjunction with the provision of standard or specialised equipment options (see equipment hire options below). Electronic timing equipment and canteen services may also be booked (*conditions apply). .

Equipment Hire

  • Standard Equipment Hire ($230) includes:- PA system (including roaming microphone); throwing implements, measuring tapes and recording table & chair for discus, shotput & javelin; measuring tapes, brooms, rakes and recording table & chair for long jump & triple jump; and set-up & pack-up of equipment by a club representative. Additional tables for competition administration are available upon request. Hirers are welcome to bring their own portable shade but are responsible for safely securing.

  • Specialised Equipment Hire ($295) includes:- Standard equipment plus hurdles and /or high jump facilities.

  • Electronic Timing ($75/hour): Electronic timing gates and equipment can be hired subject to availability of club operators. If this option is preferred, please specify on the booking application and a club contact will confirm availability of the service once the application is received.

  • Canteen Services: Typically this option is only available for competitions at district, region or higher levels. If this option is preferred, please specify on the booking application and a club contact will confirm availability of the service once the application is received.

  • Limitations on weights and heights of hired equipment. Because KLAC is focused on 5 to 15 year old athletes, we only own equipment suitable for these ages. This means that discus weights that range from 350g up to 1kg, shot put from 1kg to 4kg, javelin weights from 400gm to 700gm, and hurdle heights from 45cm to 76cm. If you wish to use equipment outside these ranges, you will need to bring it yourself, sorry.

Note: There is no charge for the canteen service but as the club supplies and sells the food/drink, it retains the money from its sales.

Keilor_Track (1).jpg


The track is located in Stadium Park Drive, Keilor Park, see the map below. 












Keilor car park.gif

The facility includes plentiful car parking, being the block of car parks next to the basketball stadium and track, as shown in the image to the left.

More recently this entire carpark has been sealed, providing some of the best carparking of any athletics track in the state.

Cross-country maps.

There are also cross-country routes based from the track, with distances of 500m, 800m, 1500m, and 2000m. These can be found via the link below.


Click here for cross-county map