KLAC Presentation Day, SUNDAY 31 March, 10am to 12pm

With the excitement of the Centre Champs now over, it is time to focus on the next event on the calendar, the Presentation Day.

What will happen?

  • We open with the finals of the Tim Golder 100m Handicap. The finalists have done well in their heats, but in the final, thanks to our handicapping system, anyone can win…there will boys and girls races (the entrants for this event, and the Warren Hosking handicap, are both published below)

  • We will follow this with the Warren Hosking 800m Handicap - again one boys and one girls race.

  • There will be be some awards handed out to parent volunteers, including the prestigious “Volunteer of the Year”.

  • Athlete participation medals and trophies will then be handed out. There are a variety of trophies for a variety of achievements, including the Centre Boys Champion and Centre Girls Champion - which can be won by athletes of any age group.

BBQ sausages and drinks will be supplied to the athletes.

This is a big day for the club and our athletes - we hope to see you there.

Start Lists for Handicap Races

Tim Golder 100m Handicap - Girls

  • Jasmine Marshall

  • Sophia Tanarte-Crook

  • Chloe Agars

  • Sienna Gec

  • Kiara Boyd

  • Celina Aguilar

  • Jasmine Galang

  • Alyssa Di Martino

  • Maire McEvoy

Tim Golder 100m Handicap - Boys

  • Riley Ciopicz

  • Jordi Seidel

  • Adrian Barresi

  • Sam Lillie

  • Michael Sayed

  • James Darmanin

  • Pedro Gounder

  • Max Busuttil

  • Chanachai Kankratok

  • Lucas Leong

Warren Hosking 800m Handicap - Girls

  • SarahKirk

  • ClaudiaGalang

  • SarahCook

  • Giaan De Fazio

  • Emily Carmichael

  • Ella McMenamin

  • Hannah Gec

  • Abby Pellow

  • Sienna Gec

  • Charlotte Duggan

  • Alicia Gec

  • Kalliopi Sirp

  • Dakota Reynolds

  • Alyssa Di Martino

  • Alana Cortellino

  • Lara Sacaner

Warren Hosking 800m Handicap - Boys

  • Ben Harbour

  • Andre Faure

  • James Harbour

  • Mitchell McCarthy

  • Alexander McCarthy

  • Isaac Faure

  • Oliver Sobell

  • Alex Harbour

  • Archie Seidel

  • Riley Ciopicz

  • Brodie Hughes

  • Lawrence Cassar

  • Damon Agius

  • Roman Muse

  • Ethan Stegehuis

  • Luca Vella

  • Alexandros Sirp

  • Zac Mozjerin

  • Finn Daffey

  • Pedro Gounder

  • Kristian Barresi

  • Jackson McMenamin