Northern Metro Region Combined Event, 10 Nov 2019

Congratulations to Team Keilor on some fantastic performances at the NMR combined event held on Sunday 10th November 2019.

Thirty four athletes from U/9 – U/16 competed in 5 or 6 events each throughout the day to accumulate points and gain an overall score. Keilor achieved 6 GOLD, 1 SILVER and 1 BRONZE medals.

Our athletes did Keilor Club proud and Keilor finished second overall by only 9 points behind a much bigger club Whittlesea City.

Our individual results were:

U/9 Girls U/9 Boys

GOLD: Charlotte Pellow 7th: Evan Manefield

5th : Maddison Byrne 14th: Yasr Hannie

7th: Phoenix Cotsis 16th: Aidan Hughes

10th: Cecilia Koesasi

U/10 Girls U/10 Boys

GOLD: Sienna Gec 4th: Michael Sayed

BRONZE: Tayissa Kekoc 5th: Oliver Sobell

4th: Hannah Gec 6th: Archie Seidel

U/11Girls U/11 Boys

6th: Abigail Pellow 11th: Brandon Cevtonski

12th: Indiana Cotsis

15th: Veiongo Siale

18th: Sarah Cook

U/12 Girls

5th: Sarah Waring

6th: Alicia Gec

9th: Ella Mc Menamin

15th: Ella Stafford

U/13 Girls U/13 Boys

5th: Dakota Reynolds GOLD: Noah Mc Menamin

6th: Sienna Athaide SILVER: Finn Daffey

9th : Celina Aguilar 5th: Ashton Mc Menamin

U/14 Girls:

GOLD: Lara Sacaner

5th: Susan Siale

U/15 Girls U/15 Boys

GOLD: Maire Mc Evoy 5th: Ariel Melnik

U/16 Girls U/15 Boys

GOLD: Maddison Reynolds 5th: Ariel Melnik

Well done to all our athletes on their achievements and a big thank you for all the support from the Keilor families in completing duties and cheering our team.