Have your athletes qualified for participation trophies - and the Centre Champs?

Keilor athletes need to participate in over 50% of our events in order to qualify for participation trophies and their entry into Centre Champs (Note that Centre Champs also have minimum roster requirements).

So has your athlete/s met this benchmark yet? Or are they close? Check out the link below to see if they can participate in our Centre Championships.


Updated lists with duty requirements have been provided weekly for the second half of the season on the club room windows

NMR Regional Track and Field Champs, 16 to 17 February

Hi All, 

What a  fantastic weekend Keilor Team. 

Congratulations to all our wonderful athletes on their  great performances.  Attached is the placings for each athlete.

We finished with 37 GOLD,  35 SILVER and 29 BRONZE medals and 4th overall in medal tally & points scored.

A big thank you to all parents/family members who helped perform all the duties over the weekend.

I will get the progression for athletes hopefully by the end of the week and pass on the information. I believe you will also get an individual email from LA vic for each athlete who will progress to State.

I have many place cards from the weekend I will leave them in the club room on Saturday for your collection.

Congratulations to our many individual athletes gaining multiple medals.


Pedro Gounder                   U/15               2 Gold & 1 Silver

Alyssa di Martino               U/15              1 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze

Ephraim Noah                     U/15              1 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze

Lucas Leong                         U/15              1 Gold & 1 Silver

Calvin Lloyd                         U/15              1 Gold & 1 Silver

Bella Peterson                     U/15              2 Silver & 1 Bronze

Maddison Reynolds           U/15              1 Silver & 1 Bronze



Frank Mazza                        U/14              4 Gold

Kristian Barresi                   U/14              3 Silver

Marie McEvoy                     U/14              2 Bronze

Jonathan Verri                    U/14              2 Bronze



Chanachai Kankratok        U/13              3 Gold & 1 Silver

Marco Spagnuolo               U/13               2 Gold

Dilan Egodawatte               U/13              2 Gold

Lara Sacaner                        U/13              2 Gold

Max Busuttil                        U/13               1 Gold & 2 Silver

Brianna Mastin                   U/13              1 Gold & 2 Bronze



Noah Mc Menamin            U/12              3 Gold

Jameson Haxby                   U/12               1 Silver & 1 Bronze

Dakota Reynolds                U/12              1 Silver & 1 Bronze



William Hurt            U/11              3 Gold & 1 Silver

Alicia Gec                              U/11               1 Gold & 1 Silver

Mark Mavrakis                    U/11              2 Silver

Noah Maffia                        U/11              3 Bronze



Luke Becvinovski                U/10               1Gold, 1 Silver & 2 Bronze

Koby Bewick                        U/10              2 Gold & 1 Silver

Dane Novak                         U/10              1 Gold & 1 Bronze

Indiana Cotsis                      U/10              2 Silver & 2 Bronze


Sienna Gec                           U/9                 3 Gold & 1 Silver

Tayissa Kekoc                      U/9                 1 Gold, 1 Silver & 1 Bronze

Michael Sayed                    U/9                 1 Gold & 2 Silver

Hannah Gec                         U/9                 3 Silver & 1 Bronze


Once again congratulations to the Athletes -  Keilor LAC  is very proud of you all

Michelle Graham - Team Manager.

PS the picture below shows our 4 times Gold medal winner Frank Mazza, showing the secret to his success - his feet don’t touch the ground….

Frank Running.JPG

Keilor Gift U12 Results, 16 February 2019

Another successful Keilor Gift was run today, with 16 Keilor Athletes demonstrating to our wider community what our athletes are capable of.

16 athletes started:

Keilor gift athletes.JPG
Boys start.JPG

And two athletes ended up with the grand prize, shown here alongside Brimbank mayor Lucinda Congreve:

Keilor gift winners.JPG

Well done to Lawrence Cassar and Kiara Boyd. The results are shown below:


1 Kiara Boyd 14.929

2 Celina Aguilar + 0.11 seconds

3 Daniella Rudas + 0.30

4 Dakota Reynolds +0.31

5 Alicia Gec + 0.63

6 Chloe Gatt +0.80

7 Miranda Alvarez +1.15

8 Mia Landgren +1.43


1 Lawrence  Cassar 14.163

2 Ethan  Stegehuis +0.287

3 Kobi Buttigieg +0.326

4 Darcy Edwards + 0.347

5 Connor Muse +0.429

6 Alex Harbour +0.439

7 James Harbour +0.849

8 Isaac Faure +1.322

All participants received a medal and a backpack, and the atmosphere was great.

Does this sound you like you? If you have an U12 athlete next season, keep your eyes peeled out for your invitation - and they too can participate in this great event.


Congratulations to SIENNA GEC U/9 for winning her event on Saturday.

Keilor was represent at the State Combined events by 20 athletes from the U/9 – U/16 age groups.

The Combined Events consist of five events for U/9 – U/13 and seven events for U/14 – U/16 athletes. Each athlete competed in their events and points are gained for each event. Points were tallied at the end of the day for an overall winner

Congratulations to all of our athletes who performed extremely well and achieved many personal best performances while competing in very hot conditions.

Our athletes that finished in the top 10 were:

Sienna Gec                  U/9    Gold Medal

Alyssa Di Martino       U/16    6th Place

 Hannah Gec               U/9      8th Place

Frank Mazza               U/14    8th Place

Fantastic results Team Keilor – Hope to see more of our athletes try this event next season.

Join Keilor after Xmas - discounted price of $100

While the track and field season is well underway, new athletes can still join - at now at a discounted price of $100.

This will give athletes access to:

  • The reminder of the track and field program - up to 8 events, including the centre championships (subject to normal eligibility requirements)

  • Regular club coaching, Tuesday nights from 6pm to 7pm

  • Cross-country season.

The only thing you will not eligible for is the regional/state track and field carnival - due to eligibility requirements. But you will be eligible for regional/state cross-country events.

Membership is open to all youth aged 5 to 15 years old - read more about joining Keilor via the link below.



What a talented team of athletes we have at Team Keilor.

At the LAV State Relays held at Lakeside Oval on 15th December, we had 44 teams competing and we achieved our highest tally of State Relay Medals in living memory:

  • 12 GOLD

  • 4 SILVER

  • 4 BRONZE

A BIG congratulations must go the Under 13 teams who achieved a clean sweep, 5 GOLD medals in their 5 events, and to our Under 15 teams who won 4 Gold medals. Our medal winning teams were:


  • BRONZE: 4 x 200 Mixed team


  • GOLD: 4 x 100m Boys team

  • GOLD: 4 x 200m Boys team

  • GOLD: 4 x 200 Mixed team

  • GOLD: Medley Boys team


  • GOLD: 4 x 100m Mixed team

  • GOLD: 4 x 100m Boys team

  • GOLD: 4 x 200m Boys team

  • GOLD: 4 x 200m Mixed team

  • GOLD: Medley Boys team


  • SILVER: 4 x 100m Boys team

  • BRONZE: 4 x 200m Boys team


  • GOLD: 4 x 100m Mixed team

  • BRONZE: 4 x 100m Boys team

  • SILVER: 4 x 200m Boys team


  • SILVER: 4 x 100m Mixed team

  • GOLD: 4 x 200m Boys team

  • SILVER: Medley Boys team


  • BRONZE: 4 x 200 Girls team

  • GOLD: 4 x 200m Mixed team

Thank you to all the athletes for their wonderful running, showing great team spirit determination to succeed, running personal best times and giving the Team Keilor cheer squad of parents, family and coaches many reasons to cheer, smile and be extremely proud of your efforts.

Thank you also to our wonderful team of coaches Tim Golder, Brian McEvoy, Steve Scodella, Michael Gec and their many helpers.

Make sure you look at all our relay photos on our Facebook page.

Go Team Keilor - Let’s do it all again next year!

Keilor 4 times gold at National School Sport Australia Primary Track and Field Championships

Congratulations to our Keilor ‘Champions of Champions’ for winning multiple titles at this weekend’s School Sport Australia (SSA) Primary (10-12)Track and Field Championships held here in Melbourne at Lakeside Stadium. To have so many athletes win National titles from the one club is truly amazing!!

Their extraordinary achievements included:

Dilan Egodowatte (12 year old boys) - Gold in the 800 metres and Silver in the 1500 metres.

  • Chanachai (Lay) Kanakrok ( 12 year old boys) - Gold in the long jump, Silver in the 100 metres sprint and Silver in the 4x100 metres.

  • Max Bussutil (12 year old boys) - Gold in the 200 metres, Silver in the 4x100 and Bronze in the 100 metres sprint.

  • Stephanie Afano (10 year old girls) - Gold in the Shot Put.

Congratulations again to Stephanie, Lay, Max and Dilan on their National tittles !!


Congratulations to TEAM KEILOR on winning the overall team score at the Northern Metro Relay Day on Saturday at Coburg.

A great effort from our 66 teams to win 55 medals and achieve this result against much bigger clubs in the region

It was so wonderful to hear our Keilor Team of athletes and parents  cheering on all the teams as the ran for gold and Personal Best performances.  The smiling faces on our athletes said it all.

It was a mixture of success for our older more experienced teams  in the Under 15 & 16 athletes as well as excitement for our new relays teams in the U/9’s.

Special mention should go to our 30 teams who received a GOLD MEDAL and will automatically qualify for the State Relay Competition in December.

  • Under 9 Boys:       4 x 200m & 4 x 100m

  • Under 9 Girls:        4 x 200m & Medley

  • Under 9 Mixed:      4 x 100m  & Medley

  • Under 10 Boys:      4 x 200m & Medley

  • Under 10 Mixed:    4 x 100m

  • Under 11 Boys:      4 x 100m, 4 x 200m & Medley

  • Under 11 Girls:       4 x 200m & Medley

  • Under 11 Mixed:     4 x 100m  

  • Under 12 Boys:      4 x 100m & 4 x 200m   

  • Under 13 Boys:      4 x 100m, 4 x 200m & Medley

  • Under 13 Mixed:     4 x 100m & 4 x 200m

  • Under 14 Mixed:     4 x 200m

  • Under 15 Boys:       4 x 200m, 4 x 100m & Medley      

  • Under 15 Mixed:     4 x 200m

  • Under 16 Boys:       Medley

  • Under 16 Mixed:     4 x 100m, 4 x 200m

Please take a look at photos of our wonderful athletes on our Facebook page.

Thank you to all parents who fulfilled duties during the day to help the program run smoothly.

BIG thank you to our wonderful dedicated coaches for all  their hard work in training over the past few months. We look forward to seeing what your teams can achieve at the State Relays in December.

Bring a Friend Day - Saturday 24th November

Do you have friends, neighbours, cousins, who might appreciate the Little Athletics experience?

In that case, we invite you to invite them to our next meeting on Saturday 25th November. There would be no need for them to register, and they can join into to the regular program, in the appropriate age groups.

And if you do bring a friend, the club will be happy to show you appreciation - our admin team will give you vouchers you can use at the canteen - a free cup of coffee for adults, or a treat of equivalent value for your kids. So you get to show people the club, and get a small reward for you as well. How good is that?

And hopefully your friends will like the experience and become members themselves.

Keilor athletes excel at School Sport Victoria Track and Field

School Sports Victoria have recently had its primary and secondary state championships for track and field. A good number of KLAC athletes were fortunate enough to qualify, and even medal.

The results that we know about are listed below

  • Max Busuttil - Gold in 12/13 boys 100 and 200 metres,

  • Lay Kanakrok - Gold in 12/13 boys long jump, bronze in 100 metres,

  • Dilan Egodowatte - Gold in 12/13 boys 800 metres and 1500 metres

  • Frank Mazza (13 boys) - Gold in Javelin

  • Stephanie Afano (9/10 girls) - Gold in Shot Put

  • Abbas Hassani - Silver in 11 boys 200 metres.

  • William Hurt (10 boys) - 4th in 200m

  • Noah McMenamin (11 boys) - 4th in High Jump

  • Peter Addo (11 boys) - 8th in 100m

  • Lara Scanner (12/13 girls) - 11th in 800

Simply to quality for the states championships is a major achievement - to medal is truly to be congratulated. Well done to all who participated!

(Have we missed your performance? We have tried very hard to include all of the Keilor athletes that we know about - if we missed you, please text Mike on 0419 103 533 with your details, and we will update this page).

It is not too late to start Little Athletics this season!

Keilor Little Athletics Centre (KLAC) has just run two very successful Come and Try Days, and the season will start its competition program next Saturday 13th October, 9am to 12am

But it is not too late to join, at all. In fact members join KLAC throughout the season, and we always welcome newcomers.

We even allow a free trial if you wish to experience Little Athletics for yourself.

However this does not mean that people who are interested in competing should not join now. KLAC runs a very sophisticated program for collecting and making results available online.

BUT results are only available for paid members, who have supplied proof of age documents - and these results are only supplied for events AFTER you have paid.

So if you interested in accruing results, and earning PBs that count towards our PB program, we strongly suggest that you join and pay now, and make sure that you have supplied proof of age documents.

fast runners.JPG

But for new members who are still curious about Little Aths - come along and see for yourself, and no, it is not too late to join at all


Keilor is seeking sponsorship - Bronze, Silver, Gold and Major levels

Keilor Little Athletics is a leading and successful Little Athletics club in the North West of Melbourne. We run a complex program that including a summer track and field program, cross-cross in winter,  a very successful relay program, coaching for all of these activities, and even a scholarship program to attract new athletes into the sport. We attract more than 400 athletes every season, from more than 250 families spread throughout the North West of Melbourne.

We are also looking for sponsors to help support and grow the club. As part of this we asking sponsors to support us at four levels:

  • Major

  • Gold

  • Silver

  • Bronze

Packages start from $200.

Are you in a position to our club and its members? If so please check out the details of the available packages via the link below, which includes contact details if you wish to learn more. 

State Cross Country - Lake Dewar, Myrniong, 28 July 2018

Seasoned Keilor Cross Country Athletes are used to competing in the harshest of conditions at Cruden Farm, but this year we enjoyed some fabulous winter sunshine at the beautiful Lake Dewar at Myrniong. 

The 2018 State Cross Country at Myrniong turned on the best winter weather we have had in some time.  It was a beautiful location and appeared more like a festival with music playing, food trucks and lots of families enjoying the sunshine.  The track was green and a gorgeous change of scenery for our athletes (one u14 athlete did comment how nice the scenery was on their run down the hill J).

All Keilor athletes performed spectacular as always, and cheered each other on, before and after their races.  There certainly was some tough competition, but Keilor managed to run better than some of the School Sport Victoria Cross Country winners on the day, which is a great effort.

Special mention to the following athletes who managed to win an individual medal:

Mitchel Langborne – Gold in the boys u13

James Wilcox – Silver in the boys u14

Also a special mention to the following teams.  State Cross Country combined athletes times and event position to determine first, second and third and congratulations to the following Keilor Teams:

3rd U11 Boys:  Noah McMenamin 6th, Royce Goudy 24th, Campbell Scaife 34th

3rd U14 Girls: Talia Roshier 11th, Alyssa Di Martino 14th, Alicia Kisielewsk 29th

All of the Keilor Athletes performed spectacular against some great competition.  Thank you also to all the parent helpers on the day.  Cross Country Season is about to close so we are looking forward to seeing  you all at Little Aths in September for the Summer Season.


NMR Cross-country, 23 June 2018

Congratulations to everyone that ran at the Region Cross Country on Saturday, and thank you to all of the parents for turning up and completing all the duties.   It was yet another freezing morning for everyone.

Keilor had around 30 athletes competing, second only to Diamond Valley.

It was great to see Keilor athletes in every single race and coming home with a few medals on the day.   Should see some great results at the upcoming State Cross Country with so many talented athletes.

Here are some of the special achievements:


  • Luke Becvinovski – 3rd


  • Alicia Gec – 2nd
  • Finn Daffey – 1st
  • Samuel Wood – 2nd


  • Noah McMenamin – 3rd
  • Lara Sacaner – 2nd


  • Dilan Egodawatte – 1st
  • Samuel Scodella – 2nd


  • Mitchel Langborne – 1st


  • James Wilcox – 1st
  • Alyssa Di Martino – 2nd

Congratulations to everyone who also picked up medals in the team results.

Check out the full list of results below - and for the photos from the day, check out our Facebook page.

more runners.gif