Introduced Fixed (almost) Programs at KLAC - and this will affect rosters as well.

Keilor has traditionally run a program that changed every week. While this has worked in the past, this season we are trying instead to rotate through three fixed programs, found below.

Every regular points week we will run one of these fixed programs, either A, B or C, and you can see which program will be run in each week on the calendar - and well as look up the program via a link in the calendar.

Why the change? Fixed programs give greater predictability to families. After a while we expect many people will become familiar with the different programs, providing something to look forward to.

However, when we say fixed programs…they are almost fixed. There might be some minor variations in how we deliver the programs on a week by week basis, but on the whole they are fixed.

And if rains one week, and we miss a program? We will move to the next program on the following week, and not attempt instead to run the missing program.

The same will also apply to the dury roster. We will ask all families to commit to helping out every A, B or C program set of dates, via the roster form found below.

One final note - these programs are what we will aim to deliver. Sometimes things don’t always work on the day, and changes have to be made. This is the nature of children’s sport.