Can you design our 50th Anniversary Slogan? $100 gift voucher for best slogan?

As part of the build-up to our 50th Anniversary celebrations, we are looking for a new slogan.

Past slogans have included:

  • Time to fly

  • Where Dreams Begin

  • Team Keilor

All great slogans, but we are looking for something new. Can you come up with something that would suit our 50th Anniversary season?

KLAC will give a $100 gift voucher to the inventor of the best slogan, and you can enter as many times as you like.

Entries close at midnight on Saturday 10th August, and will be judged by the committee at their next meeting. This will be a blind process (so the judging panel will not know who submitted each entry - apart the organiser of this competition).

PS - If more than one entrant submits a given slogan, and this slogan is chosen as the winner, the first person to submit the slogan will get the prize - so get in early with your great ideas :)