"Northern Nitro" - an exciting new event for U13 to U16 year olds

Looking for a new way to enjoy your athletics?

Then Northern Nitro is for you.

Keilor is getting together with the Whittlesea and Diamond Valley Little Athletics Clubs to hold up to three Nitro style events this summer.

Athletes will be formed into teams of 10 of mixed age and gender, and compete against teams in a team style format, with the full program found via the link below



The three dates of this program are:

  • 6pm, Friday 23rd November, 2018, Whittlesea track (unfortunately cancelled due to wet weather

  • 6pm, Wednesday 19th December 2018, Keilor

  • 6pm, Friday 21st February, 2019, Diamond Valley (TBC)

What will happen on the night?

Well, it will not be like any little athletics event you have been to before:

  • Keilor athletes will be competing alongside athletes from Whittlesea and Diamond Valley.

  • We create very mixed teams of up to 10 athletes - each team will be a mixture of athletes from different clubs, ages, gender, skill level..yep, there will be no Keilor A and B teams at this event

  • Teams will have to pick a name, and which event individual athletes will compete in. Each athlete can compete in a maximum of three individual events (of the 6 available, see the time-table below) and one of the 2 relays

  • Teams also have to work which event will be their “Powerplay’ event - where their score for this event will be doubled at the end of the night

  • Each team will be given a couple of scoring sheet (just like mini-golf) and then split up into the two streams (see the timetable below)

  • Each event will have an official present to supervise, but will be asked to help run the event, for example in measuring and retrieval of javelin and shotput. As older athletes, you would have seen this done for you - this is your chance to do this for yourself

  • At the end of each event, the teams will be ranking according the best performance, and points will be assigned based on this ranking. Teams will then fill in their scoring sheet with their ranking and points

  • Some events have opportunities to get bonus points

  • At the end of the night, there will be pizza, while the points are tallied, and the winning teams declared.

Time table


Why are we doing this?

The aim of the program is to broaden the experience of athletics for our U13 and upwards athletes. We know that as our athletes get older, the friendships they form and the people they meet become increasingly important to them. This is a chance for our older athletes to meet some like minded athletes from other centres in a fun environment, without any great pressure to win or lose. For a similar reason, this event is not just about our fastest athletes, but a chance for all U13+ athletes to experience a team environment and meet others - and so increase their enjoyment of the sport.

In other words, we do not mind how fast or slow you think you are - you are very welcome at this event.

How do I enter?

Enter via the link below. Some athletes have already expressed interest to Mike Lloyd - Mike will enter your names for you.

But I would not wait too long to enter. Entries are already to 65 from the three clubs, and we might cap entries at 100….so enter soon (it is free to enter).

Can we arrange car pooling?

If your athlete needs a ride, please contact Mike below, and we may be able to arrange a ride to the event (it might help though if you pick them afterwards, to avoid the driver having to spent all night after the event dropping off athletes). Note that this is dependant on rides being available.

Do you still have questions?

To register your interest, please contact the Keilor Nitro team manager Mike Lloyd on 0419 103 533, or mikelloyd.au@gmail.com if you have any questions.